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The ‘h’-unit™ from Blue Planet Environmental

'h'-unit™ is a natural, environmentally sensitive water aeration system capable of restoring the healthy balance of active bacteria in your water while eliminating organic pollutants.

July 11, 2014  By Erich Luening

'h'-unit™ is a natural


The ‘h’-unit unit makes your pond or lake cleaner, clearer, and odor-free, at more than half the capital cost of any conventional aeration system. Users can expect energy savings, cost savings, and time savings post-installation. It utilizes our fine-bubble technology in conjunction with natural forces of gravity to reduce energy while delivering oxygen-rich water to any depth.


  • 50% less expensive to operate than conventional aeration systems
  • No added chemicals or pesticides.
  • Removes organic pollutants and contaminants while restoring healthy bacterial growth to keep water cleaner, longer.

For more information visit www.blueplanetenviro.com


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