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Spring Genetics partners with aquaManager to optimize production

August 20, 2021  By Hatchery International Staff

In a new partnership with Athens-based aquaManager, Benchmark Genetics’ Spring Genetics will begin using aquaManager’s Hatchery module, which will support Spring Genetics in the production of high-quality and “genetically superior” fish.

aquaManager’s Hatchery module, which is an integrated software solution designed specifically for fish fingerlings or egg production, allows for increased production planning and management while simultaneously providing thorough cost analyses, and biological and financial forecasts.

The Hatchery module is already being implemented by the Spring Genetics and aquaManager teams and will give Spring Genetics the ability to optimize its production performance, control costs, and enhance the company’s efficiency.

Additionally, the software will allow aquaManager to further increase its presence in the tilapia hatchery sector and other warm-water species. The Hatchery module is just a part of aquaManager’s bigger strategy to develop a more intelligent production process. With the constant progression of technology, aquaManager has become dedicated to creating an intelligent biomass production system through the use of smart devices and equipment, data analysis, Internet of Things (IoT), and AI.

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