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SPAROS introduces two new feeds

March 30, 2022  By Hatchery International staff

SPAROS has launched two new novel feeds for marine fish hatcheries. 

ENRico is an all-in-one enrichment for Artemia and Rotifers that has been formulated with a balanced nutritional content for larval development. It is a dry formula rich in DHA and taurine, and has a high protein content and enhanced levels of vitamins and minerals. This feed is specially formulated for Senegalese sole, Turbot, Halibut, Seriolas, Meagre, Seabass, Seabream and Ballan wrasse


WIN Wrasse is a weaning microdiet made for Ballan wrasse larvae. It is formulated with ingredients that are processed by low-shear extrusion and incorporates microencapsulation of water-soluble nutrients. It is optimized for high digestibility, high palatability and low impact on water quality. 


“We are pleased to launch these two new products, as a result of SPAROS research and development (R&D) efforts to provide innovative nutritional solutions that will ultimately support the production of high quality juveniles at marine fish hatcheries and help our customers strive” says Luis Conceição, co-founder and R&D director of SPAROS.


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