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Skretting expands beyond fish and shrimp feed

August 21, 2020  By Hatchery International staff

Skretting introduces a new global product line to improve water quality for fish and shrimp farming systems.

AquaCare Control is the first of a new range of products dedicated to improve water quality. It is a combination of beneficial bacteria, minerals and micronutrients on a carbon rich carrier.

“Before a fish or shrimp needs feed, it needs water,” said Tonje Dueland, global product manager at Skretting. “The Skretting team and the AquaCare range aims to help fish and shrimp farmers everywhere. The safer we can make the industry today, the more we will safeguard its long-term future.”

AquaCare Control consumes organic material, faeces and uneaten feed that would otherwise end up as sludge. AquaCare Control also provides water conditioning microbes that actively uses ammonia compounds, including nitrite and nitrate.


The recommended dosage is to use 500 grams per hectare every five to seven days. The product is most effective within the pH range of 5.8-10.5 with a salinity range of 0-55 ppt and a temperature from 10 degrees celsius. It is recommended that the product is distributed in the afternoon with aerators turned on.

AquaCare will first be launched in Egypt and Vietnam, with other countries to follow.

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