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Shrimp Summit to address labour exploitation in India

April 18, 2024  By Hatchery International staff

George Chamberlain, the president of The Center for Responsible Seafood. (Photo: The Center for Responsible Seafood)

The Center for Responsible Seafood president, George Chamberlain, has announced that a special session to address the alleged labour abuses in Indian processing plants has been added to the 2024 Shrimp Summit in Chennai on June 27-29.

The goal of the session is to discuss the facts, identify any loopholes or gaps that might enable violations, and seek solutions to restore confidence in India’s shrimp exports, certification and auditing systems, and farmed shrimp around the world.

The Shrimp Summit is co-hosted by the Global Seafood Alliance and the Society of Aquaculture Professionals. And the session will provide a forum to make sure stakeholders are heard.

“This late breaking news has resulted in a session totally devoted to labour issues in Indian processing plants where we will invite the major stakeholders: buyers, processors, certification bodies, auditors, media and we’ll work on dissecting the issues in a transparent way that understand the root causes and work on consensus solutions,” said Chamberlain.


The summit agenda will cover topics like improver programs, digital technology, global production & markets, disease management, shrimp breeding, growout intensification, sustainable feeds, innovation, and NGO vision 2030. 

On June 27, there’ll be a pre-conference tour of the state-of-the-art hatcheries and a smallholder farm where the latest digital technologies are maximizing shrimp production and minimizing environmental impact. 

For an additional fee, attendees can join a two-day post-conference tour that will highlight the full supply chain, providing first-hand insights into hatcheries, farms, feed mills, and processors in Andhra Pradesh.

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