Smart aquaculture control

Erich Luening
May 28, 2017
By Erich Luening

Senect GmbH of Landau, Germany has developed aquaculture control technology which measures water parameters and controls processes - combined with online access and alarming on smartphone, tablet or PC.

The control units are equipped with universal sensor input - and actuator output ports for low-voltage devices like feeders, signal-controlled devices like pumps, or mains voltage devices.

According to Senect installation is straightforward with modular, decentralized architecture that allows use of several control units for building up a complete control system for entire fish farms.

“The information from the individual control units is transferred wirelessly via WLAN and many units can be combined in one software app for a fast overview – anywhere you are,”  notes a press release from the company.

Some features include:

  • Sensor-controlled aeration, drum filter- or feeder control.
  • Multiple functions with one unit, e.g. monitoring oxygen and controlling drum filters.
  • Intelligent control algorithms for decreasing water, feed - or energy consumption.
  • Easy installation and operation.
  • Online monitoring and alarming.

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