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Late in October Benchmark announced that its first commercial-scale batch of antigen has been processed at its facility in Braintree, UK.

The strains that the researchers have produced include Tetraselmis sp., Chaetoceros calcitrans, Nannochloropsis sp. and Chlorella vulgaris, all in paste form, according to Soledad Garibay, project head for UPV-CFOS Improvement of Microalgae Paste Production for Aquaculture.

AKVA group Denmark A/S recently announced that it has succeeded in producing copepod eggs on an industrial scale.

The objective of the course is to provide sufficient information so that the participant will be able to design, construct, and manage their own RAS. The fundamentals of growing plants using current state-of-the-art hydroponic and aquaponic techniques will also be covered, as will basic principles of business management and securing investment capital for the small family farm.

The owners and managers of some two dozen hatcheries in the western Mediterranean turned out for an evening presentation on marine hatchery feeds during the European Aquaculture Society (EAS) conference at San Sebastian, Spain last fall.

Brood feed plays a critical role in egg quality, fecundity and the egg’s ability to survive through hatching and into the fish’s first feeding. The nutrition that your newly hatched fish carries with it to first feeding is dependent on the quality of the diet that the brood fish consumed during maturation, prior to spawning. Your brood diet is the true first feed your fish receives.

Skretting continues to lead innovation in Marine Hatchery Feeds with novel and simplified solutions for the hatchery production process.

Shellfish Diet is a concentrated, liquid feed that is a unique mix of four algae: Isochrysis sp, Pavlova sp, Tetraselmis sp, and now Thalossiosira pseudonana.* It provides optimal nutrition for bivalves and other filter feeders, from first-feeding larvae through broodstock.

Recently Skretting, the #1 hatchery diet provider and innovator, launched a new concept in rotifer production that aims to revamp live feed and streamline production. Over the years there has been a tendency to over-complicate the processes within larval rearing. Additional “solutions” have been proposed under the guise of trying to increase output but more often these have only served to reduce hatchery efficiency, increase complexity, risk and cost.

Insta-Pro International recently launched the new MS3000 Medium Shear Extruder for fish feeds and shaped products.

O.range produced by INVE's Aquaculture is formulated with only top quality ingredients specifically for fish larvae. It is a micro-particulated product which is free of dust and does not leach when thrown in the water. It is made of only the best marine proteins and contains adequate n-3 HUFA and DHA/EPA levels.

Alltech has the technology to formulate a complete larvae feed and is progressing with field research to provide complete solutions for the hatchery.

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