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Partnership brings sustainable, insect-based protein to aquaculture feed

Cargill and InnovaFeed have entered into a strategic partnership to bring sustainable and innovative feed options to the animal nutrition industry.

June 24, 2019
By Hatchery International staff

Hermetia illucens Larvae

Through the partnership, Cargill and InnovaFeed will collaborate to jointly market fish feed which includes insect protein, enabling both partners to support the growth of sustainable aquaculture.

“We recognize that the planet has finite resources,” said Pilar Cruz, president of Cargill’s compound feed business. “It is our job to find innovative feed options for our customers that protect the planet and support sustainable protein production.”

InnovaFeed’s circular economy approach brings added sustainability benefits as the company uses co-products from the agriculture production of starch and sugar to feed black soldier fly larvae known as Hermetia illucens. Once the larvae reach a certain stage, protein and oil are extracted from the larvae, to be used in feed for pets, aquaculture species and young animals like broilers and piglets.

“By upcycling local cereal co-products and repurposing insect waste as an organic fertilizer, InnovaFeed’s products truly have a positive environmental impact,” said Clement Ray, chief executive officer, InnovaFeed. “We’re also able to have a positive impact on climate change by saving 25,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year with each 10,000-ton-production unit by feeding insect meal to animals. That is equivalent to removing 14,000 cars off the roads.”


InnovaFeed’s team of more than 60 engineers and technicians have developed an innovative process allowing them to produce high-quality insect meal at an industrial scale. Over the past three years, InnovaFeed has led multiple trials demonstrating that its insect protein can be an effective alternative to fishmeal used in salmon or shrimp feed with equal or improved performance.

“We’ve seen a strong acceptance of our products by consumers looking for natural and sustainable products,” said Maye Walraven, head of business development for InnovaFeed.

Insect-fed trout has been commercialized in France since June of last year.

“This partnership will not only enable our salmon and shrimp customers to differentiate their product lines to meet consumer needs, but we’ll also be responsibly managing resources, enabling both companies to support the growth of sustainable aquaculture and make a positive impact at a global scale,” said Adriano Marcon, president of Cargill’s aqua nutrition business.

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2 Comments » for Partnership brings sustainable, insect-based protein to aquaculture feed
  1. Michael wood says:

    Hi there, I am very interested in the idea of sustainable protein production from insects. I have not started any production yet and would be interested if you would be able to supply any advice.
    How should I go about initially starting ? Should I start on a small scale first and then look for any kind of investment?

    Thanks in advance
    Michael wood

  2. Gratitude Gratitude Charis says:

    Good going. Do you sell hatcheries for the production of the insect meal, or you sell the meal only? This project has good potential here in Southern Africa where a lot of people are venturing into poultry, piggery & fish production

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