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OxyGuard reveals new oxygen probe

April 24, 2020  By Hatchery International staff

OxyGuard has a new oxygen probe to upgrade an aquaculture farms’ operations.

The OxyGuard LDO Optical Oxygen probe is based on luminescence quenching of a sensor dye immobilized on a support foil. The probe promises to provide high-accuracy measurements of oxygen in gas or water with a response time of less than 15 seconds in water and less than five seconds in air.

The probe shows virtually no interference to other gases and has very low drift, the company said. Bleaching is also not an issue because low energy red light excites the sensor spot.

The probe has the ability to operate from below 10 degrees celsius up to 60 degrees celsius. OxyGuard ensures a lifetime use of more than 50 million measurements.


The probe has been available through retailers since October 2019.

The company also wants to help hatchery managers digitize their management systems.

Cobália is a complete farm management system that can be optimized across the value chain through a cloud-based database.

The application uses a “digital farm” to control each aspect of production, monitor alarms and to track the batch from egg to final consumer product. It allows for complete control over the water matrix conditions for hatchery managers that are looking to reach optimal conditions for eggs and larvae.

The built-in AI unit can prognosticate and optimize production possibilities and draw best practice conclusions across data from thousands of connected farms.

“In Cobália, you still own your own data,” said Jelena Kovetkovskaja, creative lead at OxyGuard. “Cobália brings the sector together to optimize across the value chain and to lift the entire sector, benefitting everyone in it. It is for every fish farmer, big or small.”


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