Skretting Marine Hatchery Feeds latest developments

Tom Walker
August 14, 2014
By Tom Walker

Skretting continues to lead innovation in Marine Hatchery Feeds with novel and simplified solutions for the hatchery production process.

Rotifer production has recently been streamlined with the introduction of ORI-ONE. ORI-ONE is an algal based powder designed for the simultaneous culture and enrichment of rotifers thereby simplifying the process. By removing the additional enrichment step, rotifers are cleaner and healthier leading to increased production and nutritional stability. Through the longer term contact of the rotifers to specific components, rotifers can be enhanced as never before in an easy and cheaper manner while avoiding the pitfalls of yeast based concoctions.

Perla MP-S is a further example of streamlined production technology to simplify fish production. Perla MP-S is a 0.7mm micro pellet that is designed to reduce the dependency on water spoiling crumbles leading to increased feeding efficiency and performance. The uniform slow sinking particles are formulated with a high protein/low fat formula base to give excellent growth in early nursery/post-weaning conditions.

Shrimp hatcheries can also benefit from Skretting’s developments. The PL range of shrimp starters is comprised of low temperature produced micro diets from 30 to 800 microns designed for first feeding of Zoea until post pond transfer. The innovative nutritional profile is revolutionizing the shrimp hatchery world realizing enhanced growth and overall health robustness with up to 5 days faster growth from PL14 out to PL28.

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