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NRGene launches soy genotyping solution

June 2, 2022  By Hatchery International staff

image: NRGene

NRGene announced the launch of Soy SNPro, a product in a line of pre-designed SNP sets for genotyping (DNA tests) of various crops.

SNPro is an off-the-shelf complete genotyping solution that combines low-density genotyping with high-density imputation. It was developed based on NRGene’s SNPer solution, launched in 2020, which enables a custom design of a SNP set for any breeding program to maximize genetic information with a minimum number of DNA data points.

Soy SNPro, the first available pre-designed SNP set, can be applied to Northern and Southern U.S., Canadian and South American germplasm.

“We are excited to launch SNPro and assist breeding companies and organizations of all sizes to gain a competitive edge by advancing their programs towards genomic selection. This will allow them to develop new elite varieties faster by efficient utilization of their resources,” said Gil Ronen, CEO and Founder, NRGene.


Soy SNPro was validated in a public soy breeding program at the University of Missouri. The goal of the program is to shift breeding from conventional to molecular methods to provide high-yielding soybean varieties with multiple commercial key traits, such as disease resistance and improved seed quality.

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