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New vaccine to help fight Streptococcis in Latin America

February 20, 2020  By Hatchery International staff

Streptococcal infections have caused significant economic loss in the aquaculture industry, especially in Latin America.

Biopharmaceutical company MSD Animal Health has launched AQUAVAC Strep Sa-Si to protect against streptococcosis in tilapia and other susceptible fish species. The vaccine has demonstrated onset immunity from one week after vaccination up to 12 weeks in lab trials and up to six months in field trials, the company said.

AQUAVAC Strep Sa-Si will be launched in Honduras and will be available throughout the Latin American region following regulatory approvals in the local governments.

“MSD Animal Health continues to demonstrate its commitment to supporting the tilapia producers and the health and welfare of the fish they are raising,” said Kasha Cox, MSD’s global lead aquaculture. “AQUAVAC Strep Sa-Si will benefit tilapia health and tilapia producers throughout Latin America.”


Streptococcosis is a neurological bacterial disease that affects warm water fish in salt and freshwater environments. Outbreaks typically occur in tropical regions when fish have been exposed to stresses like increased water temperature and overcrowding for a long period of time.

The disease is transmitted from fish to fish and also from the environment to the fish. It can cause abnormal behaviour like lethargy, bent bodies and disorientation from infection within the central nervous system.

Sick fish often have eye lesions and abscesses on the inferior jaw. Skin hemorrhages is another external sign of the disease, typically seen around the mouth or at the base of the fins. In severe infections, adhesions of the internal organs together with the peritonial cavity walls are common.

AQUAVAC Strep Sa-Si promises zero-day withdrawal period and can be used at any time before harvest. The vaccine is the latest to join a range of MSD products to protect against Streptococcosis, including AQUAVAC Strep Sa and AQUAVAC Strep Sa1.


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