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New products for catfish health

April 8, 2020  By Hatchery International staff

BiOWiSH Technologies has launched new microbial solutions to get catfish to market size faster and more reliably.

AquaBuilder is the new water treatment solution by BiOWiSH. It aims to reduce the accumulation of sludge and nitrogen waste while maintaining optimum dissolved oxygen levels. Its blend of probiotics is formulated to remediate pond water and enhance water biology, the company said.

FeedBuilder Syn3 is a direct-fed microbial and can be used on-farm or combined with feed at the time of manufacturing. It is a water-soluble prebiotic, probiotic and post biotic which can be coated onto feed or at the feedmill.

BiOWiSH says producers who use feed with this product can increase feed attractability and digestibility. It increases the population of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system of shrimp and fish.



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