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New In-Situ handheld DO monitor

December 28, 2020  By Hatchery International staff

RDO Blue is the latest In-Situ innovation in optical rugged dissolved oxygen technology.

Using the company’s patented technology, this new device is an EPA-approved dissolved oxygen (DO) measurement method that is ideal for use in even the harshest environments. Its low-maintenance design is made suitable for handheld use or long-term deployment in fresh or salt water.

“It was essential to retain the accuracy we get with our replaceable Smart Cap and abrasion-resistent foils. But we also knew that a more cost-effective design would be ideal for customers who require DO monitoring in multiple locations,” said In-Situ project manager, Kate Haga.

RDO Blue requires no calibration or conditioning prior to deployment and doesn’t use membranes. A three-layer system provides chemical and abrasion resistance. The high-quality Ryton construction results in enhanced reliability, the company said.


A Modbus/RS485 communication protocol is included to support easy integration with PLC systems and telemetry. Paired with In-Situ’s HydroVu data dervices, it provides real-time feedback and process control.


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