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New Hampshire hatchery permit could lead to costly upgrade

October 22, 2020  By Mari-Len De Guzman

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued a water permit for a New Hampshire hatchery that aims to lessen its environmental impact, according to local news outlet, Insurance Journal.

The new permit obtained by the Powder Mill Fish Hatchery in New Durham, lowered the limit on the amount of phosphorous it can discharge to the lake from 25 to 12 parts per billion.

The hatchery is the subject of a federal lawsuit filed by environmental group Conservation Law Foundation, accusing the Powder Mill Fish Hatchery of polluting the Merrymeeting River.

According to the state’s Department of Fish and Game and Environmental Services, which operates the hatchery, the Powder Mill hatchery has already implemented changes to lessen its environmental discharge, including using fish food with lower phosphorous, reducing the number of fish at the hatchery by relocating them to other facilities and storing their waste for conversion to fertilizer, the news report said.


The permit could take effect as early as 2021, and will require the facility to undergo upgrades to its wastewate system.

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