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New ASA board

The Aquaculture Suppliers Association (ASA) has elected a new set of board members, including the executive board during the Aquaculture 2019 conference and tradeshow in New Orleans. The association expanded its board to include 12 members and elected a new president and vice-president.  

May 24, 2019  By Hatchery International Staff

The Aquaculture Suppliers Association (ASA)

The ASA works with the World Aquaculture Society on concerns and ideas pertaining to the tradeshow that runs concurrently with Aquaculture America and World Aquaculture Society’s Conferences. The ASA enjoys a discounted rate for these tradeshows, which actually pays for the membership, according to the new president Amy Stone.

The new members of the ASA board include: Amy Stone from Aquatic Equipment and Design; Brian Catanzaro from Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems; Roci Brawner from R & B Aquatics; Adrian Megay from RK2 Systems; Stan Crisp from AquaCal; Mark Francis from Aquaneering; Jeff Jones from Hayward Flow Control; Jim Keeton from Keeton Industries; Rick Martin from Fish Farming News; Tony Robertson from Poly Dome/Poly Tank; Bob Robinson from Kasco Marine; and Candace Smith from Red Ewald.

Stone, Catanzaro, Brawner and Megay form the executive board as president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary, respectively.

The ASA holds three board seats on the National Aquaculture Association’s (NAA) board of directors, which allows them to collaborate on important issues affecting aquaculture producers. “The work that the NAA is doing is critical to expanding production and opening the market for the United States,” Stone said.


The ASA is supporting the Mike Clark Aquaculture Farmer Leadership Program, which is focused on mentoring young producers in the aquafarming community. Applicants self-identify an issue to work on and the NAA provides mentoring, travel support and guidance to resolve that issue.  At the same time, they receive hands-on experience in the federal regulatory or policy arenas to better serve national, state or local aquaculture representation.

 The ASA website offers producers a one-stop-shop for finding potential suppliers for their operations. “This website is searchable and has pertinent contact information to help our producers continue to be successful,” Stone said in a statement, adding the website is will undergo an update within the next year as part of a rebranding plan for the association.  


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