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New Armenian hatchery to restore trout in Sevan Lake

May 31, 2016  By Vladislav Vorotnikov

The construction of fish farms and a processing plant are also part of the project.

A recent report from Armenia notes that JSC Sevan Trout will invest significant funds into construction of a hatchery for restoration of trout in Sevan Lake. The project would also involve construction of fish farms and a processing plant, according to a recent announcement by Armenian Ministry of Ecology Aramis Grigoryan and representatives of the company.

According to Grigoryan, the company aims to produce two million fingerlings, with 370,000 – 400,000 to be used for recreation purposes. When completed the hatchery would become the largest in the Caucasian region for breeding trout according to the representatives of the project.

The remaining 1.5 million fingerlings will be sold to a number of small fish farms which are expected to be created in the lake within the coming seven years. As a result, commercial production of Sevan trout by 2023 could amount to up to 50,000 tonnes with 75% of all products directed for export, since there is little demand for trout within the country.

Meanwhile, Barduht Gabrialyan, head of scientific center for zoology and hydro ecology of Armenian Academy of Science, explained that development of the hatchery will take place simultaneously with other projects of water purification since contamination of the lake with various toxins from waste dumps located nearby are raising concerns of scientists and may also ruin plans for investment in the aquaculture facilities.


– Vladislav Vorotnikov

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