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More than 2 million fish to be culled after ISA outbreak at Mowi hatchery

March 22, 2022  By Hatchery International staff

Mowi Canada East is euthanizing 2.26 million salmon after detecing infectious salmon anemia (ISAv) that has been traced back to its Stephenville, NL hatchery.

The outbreak was discovered during a routine sampling at its recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) hatchery and following government regulations, the salmon stock was immediately quarantined.

The salmon stock being euthanized average at about 104 grams.

“All Canadian farmers will understand the despair felt when animals under your care succumb to health challenges – it is disappointing to all those involved, especially our dedicated teams in Stephenville,” Alan Cook, managing director at Mowi Canada East, said in a public notice. “We have assembled a team of international Mowi experts to assist us in investigating this situation and developing plans for preventing a repeat in future groups.”


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