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Investors sought for ambitious RAS project in Iowa

The American company Inland Sea LLC is seeking investors to grow salmon in a land-based, Danish-style water-recirculating system (RAS). Vice-president Jackson Kimle confirmed that the company hopes to raise $12-15 million and break ground on an industrial site south of Harlan, Iowa, sometime this winter.

November 14, 2016  By Quentin Dodd

Plans call for the first eggs (Atlantic salmon eggs from a certified disease-free facility in Iceland) to arrive about six months into construction, which is expected to take another six months to complete. The facility would include growout, as well as processing units.

“When fully operational,” says a company statement, “Inland Sea – Harlan expects to produce and harvest approximately 2400t (5.3 million pounds) [of salmon] annually.”

The site will be developed using a two-unit modular system which Kimle explained looks somewhat like a donut, with the inner donut containing the hatchery and younger fish. After six months the fish will be moved to the outer donut to complete growout to harvest at 4.5-5kgs (10-12 lbs).

The water will be treated, cleaned and recirculated to the fish tanks. Primary waste will be removed by the company as sludge and sold as fertilizer. Secondary waste will be taken out at the Harlan municipal sewage treatment site.


“We will be reusing most of the water,” said Kimle, adding that one reason Iowa was chosen for the project was the high quality of water in the area. Groundwater is to be obtained from a number of wells.

Kimle said that although Inland Sea LLC currently has no plans to develop its own broodstock, he expects the company will eventually wish to do so as the program and aquaculture industry grows in the area.

– Quentin Dodd 

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