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Improved fish health and profits by using Streptococcosis resistant tilapia: study

June 16, 2022  By Hatchery International staff

Juvenile tilapia (Photo: GenoMar Genetics Group)

Aquaculture breeding company, GenoMar Genetics Group, participated in a newly published study that shows tilapia farmers made significantly additional profits using genetically-selected Streptococcosis resistant fingerlings in farming of Nile Tilapia .

The study, “Economic appraisal of using genetics to control Streptococcus agalactiae in Nile tilapia under cage and pond farming system in Malaysia,” was published in Nature-Scientific Reports.

After five years of research and development work and field testing, GenoMar launched Streptococcosis resistant tilapia in the Asian market in early 2021, under the name GenoMar Strong. The documented protection against Streptococcosis of 30-35 per cent RPS (Relative Percent Survival) was used in an economic break-even analysis. The results showed that genetically selected Streptococcosis resistant tilapia fingerlings were profitable for farmers in both pond and cage culture systems where Streptococcosis is the production constraint.

Figure 1. Profitability using streptococcosis resistant fingerlings (Photo: GenoMar Genetics Group)



The study showed a significant higher return of investments in both ponds and cages with Streptococcosis outbreaks, even if the amount paid for genetically selected Streptococcosis resistant tilapia fingerlings was double the amount paid for standard fingerlings. Even with low Streptococcus related mortality (one to five per cent), the net profit is in favour of Streptococcus resistance fingerlings if the extra amount paid for resistant fingerlings over the standard fingerlings is up to 30 per cent.

Streptococcosis is one of the most important infectious diseases affecting tilapia aquaculture worldwide. The disease causes reduced survival and downgraded product quality. Antibiotics are also commonly used and accessible for tilapia farmers. Vaccination strategies by intraperitoneal injection are also gaining momentum among farmers. GenoMar offers an alternative breeding animals for higher genetic tolerance / resistance to diseases.

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