Russia moving to farm hybrid carp to boost production

Vladislav Vorotnikov
June 07, 2019
By Vladislav Vorotnikov
Russian Fish Farmers Association (Rosrybhoz) has advised all fish farms in the country to abandon pure-breed carp (Cyprinus carpio) in favor of new hybrid species.

This would allow the Russian aquaculture industry to boost carp production, Rosrybhoz said in a statement. There are 14 carp breeds registered in the country, and they’re a popular species among Russian farmers. Carp and other phytovorous fish species account for 64 percent of overall aquaculture production in Russia, Rosrybhoz estimated.

Replacing these pure-breed species with the new, highly-efficient F1 hybrid, fish farmers could improve their business profitability, Rosrybhoz stressed.

The F1 hybrid was developed through a program launched by Rosrybhoz in Russia in 2016. It is a product of heterosis obtained through crossbreeding. In 2018, nine hatcheries across Russia participated in this program, producing a total of 436,500 units of the F1 carp fingerlings, Rosrybhoz said.

The agency hopes to boost production for 2019 to 800,000 units and establish a sustainable supply of the F1 carp fingerlings for farms across the country. More hatcheries are being explored for inclusion in the program.

Rosrybhoz has urged the Russian Agricultural Ministry to recommend replacing pure-breed carp to the F1 breed. Technically, advises from the ministry are not compulsory for fish farmers, but compliance may mean easier access to state aid. Fish farms in Russia are subjected to state subsidies, including in the form of soft loans. It still unknown whether the Ministry will recommend using the F1 breed.

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