Bioscribe Electronic Fish Measuring Board from Hallprint

Ruby Gonzalez
July 11, 2014
By Ruby Gonzalez

The “BioScribe” is a portable electronic device that has been developed in New Zealand for the purpose of recording statistical information about fish stocks and populations. The information typically collected with the BioScribe includes the length, sex, weight and species of fish being assessed. The BioScribe is also able to read miniature radio frequency identification (RFID) or PIT tags that are embedded in the fish or externally tagged.


  • length measurements to 1.4 m
  • accurate to within +/- 0.5 mm
  • full QWERTY keyboard
  • inductive sensing stylus input
  • built in RFID/PIT tag reader (optional)
  • fully customizable decal layouts with hot keys
  • waterproof - IP67 and IP68 standards
  • continuous operation - 15 hours on battery
  • built from impact and scratch resistant materials
  • permanent in board data storage with embedded Linux computer
  • wireless or wired real time data transfer
  • sends data directly to macro enabled Excel over WiFi, RS232, USB or ethernet
  • data acquired directly from A&D or Marel marine weighing scales
  • award winning design!

Hallprint in South Australia is now the exclusive global supplier of “Bioscribe" electronic fish measuring boards. For more information on these boards and how to have them customized for your specific hatchery needs, visit

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