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EWOS® Brood — for improved egg quality

Brood feed plays a critical role in egg quality, fecundity and the egg’s ability to survive through hatching and into the fish’s first feeding. The nutrition that your newly hatched fish carries with it to first feeding is dependent on the quality of the diet that the brood fish consumed during maturation, prior to spawning. Your brood diet is the true first feed your fish receives.

August 18, 2014  By Quentin Dodd

Brood feed plays a critical role in egg quality

EWOS brood is designed to achieve these critical objectives. This diet is based on commercial farming, enhancement experience and expert knowledge from EWOS Innovation. From this experience the optimal level of fatty acids and minerals was established.

This diet is made from the finest fish meals and fish oils and contains EWOS nucleotides and increased levels of vitamins and minerals as well as astaxanthin to assist in pigmentation of eggs and proper egg development. In particular, EWOS brood has a high level of stable Vitamin C.

EWOS recommends feeding male and female stock EWOS brood for at least ten months prior to egg stripping. It is ideally suited to broodstock that have been previously fed EWOS feeds.

For additional information specific to your brood diet needs please contact either of our sales consultants below or Customer Service.


         Gregg Bonacker, 1-877-463-6121, gregg.bonacker@ewos,com

         Al Edsall, 1-907-209-2808, allen.edsall@ewos.com

         Customer Service, 1-800-663-0476, customer.service@ewos.com

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