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EWOS Micro and EWOS Brood


February 20, 2014  By Siri Elise Dybal

EWOS Micro

EWOS Micro is a premium freshwater diet for all salmonids, which is highly palatable and properly sized for the fish’s ability to consume feed. EWOS Micro includes low temperature fishmeals, high quality fish oils, natural-source nucleotides and extra vitamins for immune system health and rapid development. The nutritional excellence and premium ingredients of EWOS Micro ensure maximum digestibility and excellent water quality, thus maintaining raceway cleanliness.


EWOS brood formulation is designed for the nutritional needs of salmon, but also for other brood fish. Optimal levels of fatty acids, minerals and a high level of vitamin C are included, as well as astaxanthin to assist egg pigmentation and development. EWOS recommends feeding both male and female stock EWOS Brood diet for at least ten months before spawning. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in EWOS Brood diet, plus years of research provide a feed to support optimum fecundity, egg quality and survival through first feeding.

Fish feed manufactured responsibly for a multiplicity of species


EWOS feeds are developed from research by EWOS Innovation, plus extensive experience in both hatchery and commercial cultivation. Our products are manufactured sustainably under stringent control of various international standards such as BAP, Global GAP, plus ISO 9001, 22000, 14001 and 18000. Saltwater or freshwater, if you have the animals, EWOS feed can help them perform to their optimal level. Contact us for help with your fish.

Contact our Hatchery Specialist & Feed Consultant, Gregg Bonacker at Gregg.Bonacker@ewos.com or at 1-877-463-6121.

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