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China Fisheries & Seafood Expo 2020

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October 28 - October 30, 2020
Qingdao, China

COVID-19 Update: The 25th Anniversary CFSE is still scheduled to be held this October 28-30 at the new Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center HICEC) in Qingdao.


CFSE 2020 will take place as planned October 28-30 at Qingdao’s new Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center (HICEC). China’s central government is currently relaxing many of the strict control measures which were enacted to successfully bring outbreaks of the Covid-19 virus under control in that country. These measures include the resumption of large trade shows after July 1. Several large international shows are currently scheduled both before and just after CFSE.

To ensure the health and safety of our participants, we are making the following changes :

Enhanced Identification Requirements and Traceability

When registering for badges all Overseas Participants will be required to upload their passport information, including their passport photo. In order to enter the show, facial recognition software must match your passport photo.

Currently China requires its citizens to use an instant digital tracking app which is installed on their smartphone via WeChat or AliPay. Chinese citizens must have a green indicator to enter the show. Foreigners can also download these tracking apps. We will have more information in subsequent show updates on how to use these tracking apps and if they will be required. In addition, Overseas people must inform Chinese authorities in detail where they are staying during their visit.

Temperature Testing

CFSE participants will have their temperature taken several times before they can enter the show. In addition to the main entrance lobby, temperatures will be taken at the security gate entrances.

Sanitation and Personal Safety

All CFSE participants are encouraged to bring their own masks to the show. Complimentary masks and gloves will also be available. Use of facemasks is mandatory, while gloves are optional. HICEC staff will be frequently sanitizing public gathering places such as restrooms, dining areas and high touch areas such as escalators. In addition, all exhibit halls will be sanitized after the close of the show each day.

Currently, it is suggested people in high density events such as trade shows keep a one meter social distance.

We realize there are still challenges to holding a successful CFSE. Currently, overseas flights to China are very limited, for example. However, as the virus situation in China continues to improve and their economy resumes growing, we anticipate more international flights to China will return well before this October. Many international carriers are anticipating resuming flights to China in June.

Although the global seafood industry has been severely challenged like never before by the Covid-19 crisis, in China and elsewhere there are hopeful signs. China, the world’s largest seafood market, is increasingly “back to business.” While it will be some time, if ever, that things will be totally back to normal, China will remain a vibrant seafood market with considerable opportunities. We look forward to welcoming you this October to Qingdao and the 25th Annual CFSE to explore these opportunities at the world’s largest seafood trade show.

As we get more updated information, we will be sure to share with all our exhibitors.

Thank You,

The Sea Fare Team

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