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EU project explores toxic pufferfish for aquaculture feed

A toxic invasive species, pufferfish has been explored for aquaculture feed by the EU-funded LagoMeal project. LagoMeal brought together a team of experts who used the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) to develop a process to deactivate a powerful nerve toxin and turn deadly pufferfish into high-quality fishmeal.

Conservation partnership releases Arctic grayling into Michigan lakes

The Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative is well underway with record numbers being stocked in the state's lakes. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently reported that three Michigan lakes were stocked with Arctic grayling in November 2023. These restockings were made possible from a surplus from the establishment of this grayling broodstock initiative.

Kazakhstan hammers out bill on aquaculture

Kazakhstan lawmakers are developing a bill on aquaculture, which is due to pass its first reading in federal parliament in November. Nariman Zhunusov, chairman of the fish farming department under the Ecology Ministry, unveiled this news during an industry conference.  Under the law, nearly 1,200 new fish farms are planned to be built in Kazakhstan by 2030, Zhunusov said.

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The hatchery industry's vision for 2024

The global hatchery industry has austere times ahead. Inflation and climate change are major themes being felt around the world. Hatchery operators are being faced with economic and ecological challenges that need urgent solutions. Once again, the editorial team at Hatchery International comes together to take stock of the regions they report from, and bring us a bird’s eye view of the industry’s state of affairs. » Read More...
Hatchery 101 Series 

Hatchery 101: Genetics & broodstock

Genetics are the building blocks of any hatchery operation. Host Ben Normand brings together a panel of experts to discuss how genetics and broodstock management have evolved based on today’s industry needs. » Read More...

Hatchery 101 continues for 2024

As climate change continues to intensify, concrete solutions for the industry to adapt become more urgent. Hatchery 101 on sustainability continues with 2024 dates to tackle important issues faced in the fisheries and aquaculture industries around the world. » Read More...

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