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Pre-treatment of R. okamurae enhances diet suitability in juvenile European sea bass

Pre-treatment of Rugulopteryx okamurae, a brown algae species, “significantly reduced” its side effects when used as dietary inclusion in juvenile European seabass diet, according to the study by F. Fonseca et al.

Industry movers and shakers awarded at Aquaculture Ghana 2023

The Chamber of Aquaculture Ghana awarded this year’s movers and shakers of aquaculture industry at a colourful gala held at World Trade Centre in the capital Accra. Wontesty Ventures was a big winner at this year's awards night.

Artificial intelligence aided in-tank fish detection in RAS

Rapid advancements in sensing technologies, edge computing, internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine vision, and machine learning are paving the way toward the adaptation of digital technologies for aquaculture.

Sponsored Spotlight 

InWater Technologies' Probe Repair Center

The OxyGuard Handy is an industry staple for spot-checking water quality. These hand-held meters are low maintenance, requiring only a wipe after use, and occasional probe renovation, usually every 6-12 months. Should an error message appear on the screen or when the meter will not calibrate, even after renovation, it may need to be repaired.

InWater Technologies offers repair services on a range of equipment. We hold inventory on Point Four Trackers and many OxyGuard parts to ensure we get your equipment fixed as quickly as possible. For more information please visit our » website.

Michigan DNR celebrates 150 years of hatchery history

Michigan has a rich history of rearing fish since the state began operating hatcheries 150 years ago. Hatcheries are facilities where fish eggs are hatched, and fish are raised to stocking age. The use of stocked fish has long been one of the cornerstones in managing Michigan’s fisheries, but it has gone through many changes over time. » Read More...


World Aquaculture 2023

May 29-June 1, 2023
Darwin, Australia
» More info

Shrimp Summit 2023

July 24-26, 2023
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Aqua Nor 2023

Aug. 22-25, 2023
Trondheim, Norway
»