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Feed for juvenile leopard coral grouper gets a lift from China lysine study

Optimal lysine requirement in juvenile leopard coral grouper was identified by a research team in China. Compared to other ratios in diets used, inclusion of 2.60 to 2.97 per cent, with 4.9 to 5.60 of dietary protein) improved WGR, FCR and lysine deposition.

BioMar further invests in Larviva hatchery feed

The investment in this facility follows the continued success of the Larviva hatchery feeds across the main hatchery markets, together with the two capacity expansions at the production facility in France to cover the market demand. 

Kakhovka dam destruction hits the Ukrainian fish farming industry

At least a dozen fish farms were destroyed as a result of the Kakhovka dam breach on June 6, causing death to thousands of fish and contamination of vast territories, Ukrainian scientists reported. The effect is expected to be long-term as it may take decades and billions of dollars for the ecological situation to recover.

Sponsored Spotlight 

Bio-UV: Save your production!

Water quality has a significant impact on the aquaculture industry. Water control and treatment are essential to ensure the health and growth of fish, mollusks, or crustaceans present in the hatcheries and RAS. In hatcheries, water quality and cleanliness are of critical importance. At the start of their lifecycle, animals are particularly sensitive and susceptible to disease outbreaks. » Learn more

Video: Touring Cedar Crest Trout Farm in Hanover, Ont.

Cedar Crest Trout Farms, also known as Springhills Fish, is Ontario's largest producer of rainbow trout (Oncorhychus mykiss) fingerlings. Hatchery International visited its first facility in Hanover,  where siblings and owners, Arlen & RJ Taylor, share their passion for responsible trout farming practices. » Read More...
Solutions in Shrimp 

Portable system to democratize sustainable aquafarming in the Philippines

There is such a thing as having too much or having too little. And then, there is the case of having it just right. An architect-farmer in the Philippines seems to have struck the right balance with an “aquatecture” system he developed called the portaShip. » Read More...

Shrimp Summit takes deep dive into industry challenges

TCRS's inaugural event in Vietnam gathers global shrimp farming experts to tackle issues faced by industry. TCRS president, George Chamberlain, said the event welcomed international seafood buyers, technical experts, NGO representatives, government officials and producers. » Read More...



AquaNor 2023

Aug. 22-25, 2023
Trondheim, Norway
» More info

8th International Photoperiod Workshop

Aug. 31, 2023
Puerto Varas, Chile & Virtual
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