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message from our publisher

Putting together our November/December issue is always a pleasure because it is that time of year when we celebrate our Top 10 Under 40 program.

We are proud to be able to share new faces from the industry who would not otherwise be celebrated for the work that they do quietly in their own companies and in their own communities. 

We hope that the stories of these Top 10 remind you of your own passion for the work and why you entered the field in the first place. At the most, we hope these stories inspire you to be more community-minded, looking outside of your own day-to-day production to share knowledge that could create meaningful change in the larger industry and in the natural environment in which many of you work.

Also inside this issue:

  • English trout farmer, Hans Hoff, gained 50+% growth performance
  • Focus on diet to improve performance indicators in African catfish
  • Waste characterization and recipe development for composting aquaculture sludge
  • Latest news and updates from suppliers for the hatchery industry