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Biosystems are renowned for their plug and play skid mounted systems, widely used in hatchery applications such as broodstock, egg holding, larval rearing and nursery areas, as well as in shellfish holding systems.

The newly designed System 5000 MBBR was developed on the back of looking for reductions in energy running costs…which it delivers with a 38% reduction compared to the standard System 5000 Marine system, using only 860W!

The filtration package consists of a robust, insulated HDPE reservoir that houses the Moving Bed Bioreactor, a Mechanical bag filter unit, a high-performance venturi driven Protein Skimmer with optional degassing tower, biofiltration pump, and also features Biosystems new photocatalytic TitanUV steriliser.
The small space saving design is manufactured in the UK from high quality polypropylene, PVC and acrylic components, suitable for marine and freshwater environments, and can be re-assembled in a matter of hours without any specialist tools.
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