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In order to protect the natural resources that drive hatchery production, hatcheries must implement clear and conscious waste management protocols. Host Ben Normand continues Hatchery International's four-part series on sustainability with a panel of experts who can share best practices that ensure the future health of the environment.

If you registered this year's Hatchery 101 webinars, you are automatically registered for all four episodes sponsored by OxyGuard International.

Moderated by: Ben Normand is a fish farmer, writer, college instructor, and cheerleader for aquaculture. He has worked with a variety of fin and shellfish species in both New Zealand and Canada in production management, compliance, and communications. In his spare time, you can find him spending time with his family, sailing, biking, and tinkering in his workshop.

More to be announced.

Laura Bailey

Project engineer, McMillen
Laura Bailey is a licensed Professional Engineer and has been working in the field of environmental engineering for seven years. Laura has a BS in Environmental Engineering from Michigan State University and a Master's in Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

Trevor Gent

Director of Sales & Marketing, Alumichem
Trevor Gent is the director of Sales & Marketing at Alumichem in Birkerød, Denmark. He started his water treatment career back in 1998 in Canada and moved to Denmark with his wife in 2022 to focus on Aquaculture and helping clients achieve their environmental discharge limits. Trevor’s team is focused on ensuring that solid/liquid separation technology and the water chemistry work together to meet the aquaculture installations needs.

Aaron Switzer

Area hatchery manager, Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources
Aaron Switzer is a hatchery manager, fish farmer at heart. He has climbed the ladder from an entry-level fish culturist to overseeing operations at three of Michigan’s six state run fish hatcheries. What began as an exercise in cutting utility costs eight years ago has turned into Michigan’s Fish Production Program leading the way with renewable energy. Aaron enjoys fishing, golfing, snowboarding and exploring the outdoors with his family.