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Dual disk feeder from Spanish manufacturer

The team at Innovaqua, a Spanish company specialising in aquaculture technology, is responsible for the design and manufacture of the Mirafeed system.

July 5, 2018  By Hatchery International Staff

“Adequate feeding during the early stages of culturing is vitally important, as it can determine the success of the production process in the medium and long term, especially when it comes to nutrition.” explains Diego García, managing director of Innovaqua.

“Mirafeed’s dual disk design drastically reduces the exposure of the feed to the environment while it’s in the dispenser, unlike other systems where the feed is exposed to humidity at all times,” he added.

Another advantage of the Mirafeed, notes the company, is its capacity to dispense small-sized pellets. This means that experiments with early larval stages of various aquaculture species can be set up. In the case of sea bream, 12 dph feeders mean that small feed sizes of 100 to 150 microns can be used.

Another feature, adds the manufacturer, is that these feeders don’t create lumps, thereby maintaining the quality of the aquafeed.


The Mirafeed is available in several models that are easily transformable with conversion kits.

For more information go to: www.innovaqua.com

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