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Corrosion-resistant drum filters

October 11, 2019  By Hatchery International staff

CM Aqua Technologies is looking to eliminate a classic maintenance problem with its new HEX drum filters.

This new corrosion-resistant design, which was introduced at the AquaNor 2019 conference, is made of the same basic construction with all sections self-supported by POM rings and durable rollers. It is meant to replace expensive filters made of high-grade steel alloys, like Duplex types.

It has no exposed steel which makes the product well-suited for warm saltwater aquaculture applications. The only exposed metals as bolts and nuts are made of titanium.


It also features “super thin” string filters welded in a patented HEX filter grid structure. The BeeCell HEX filter panel’s hexagonal cell structure was inspired by nature. This unique shape is said to ensure optimal removal of suspended solids, increases the net open area and lasts longer. Each filter panel is 400×1200 mm for easy installation.

This HEX filter design can also be seen on well boats, sealice barges, RAS and on traditional fish farms.


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