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Cooke remains on the lookout for suitable location for hatchery

Canada’s Cooke Aquaculture recently withdrew its option to purchase 25 acres of land in the Granville Beach area of Nova Scotia, a province on the country’s eastern seaboard.

January 31, 2018  By Quentin Dodd

Cooke Aquaculture has abandoned its plan to purchase 25 acres of land in the Granville Beach area of Nova Scotia but it said it remains on the lookout for a suitable location for a hatchery

Company spokesperson Nell Halse, wrote in an email to Hatchery International: “We have not given up looking for a location for a hatchery in Nova Scotia. We just eliminated the property in Granville Ferry because it did not meet our requirements.”

Halse is reported in the Annapolis County Spectator as saying that tests “determined that the land is not suitable,” so the location is no longer under consideration.

There had also been some local opposition to the project: Last summer when word spread that Cooke had accepted an offer to purchase the property in order to build a fish hatchery a local Rate Payers Association was quick to express its opposition.

Cooke officials reportedly offered to get together with the community group to discuss possible plans for the property.


“We….have no idea why anyone would oppose a project before knowing anything about it,” Halse is cited as saying. “No decision has been made and, if we did want to build here, we would have to comply with all the relevant environmental regulations and we would want to meet with the community before construction.

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