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Cargill introduces early rearing aquafeeds

Cargill Aqua Nutrition (CQN) now offers starter products for both freshwater and marine species, finfish and crustaceans, and in various forms to allow maximum flexibility to support early rearing needs.

May 15, 2019  By Hatchery International Staff

EWOS Canada Ltd., a subsidiary of Cargill Ltd., has long offered three variants of crumble starter diets: EWOS Micro, EWOS Natura and EWOS Nature. While EWOS Micro is a premium diet for customers seeking the best all-around performance, EWOS Natura provides an alternative for customers who wish to balance performance goals with economic constraints. EWOS Natura is also documented to be the preferred nutritional solution for some Pacific salmonid species, including Coho, Chum and Pink. EWOS Natura can also be used for non-salmonid species, such as Bass, Sturgeon and Tilapia. The EWOS Nature range of micro crumbles follows a nutritional profile similar to that of EWOS Micro but is formulated to be free of terrestrial animal proteins and oils.

CQN North America is introducing the launch of EWOS Micro Xcel and EWOS Natura Xcel in 2019.

EWOS Micro Xcel is a premium micropellet starter diet that is designed to deliver nutritional excellence and high performance, while maintaining culture system hygiene. EWOS Micro Xcel offers supreme growth and low feed conversion efficiency for salmonid species, as well as Sturgeon, Seriola, Bass, Walleye and Barramundi.

EWOS Natura Xcel is a micropellet starter diet that supports optimized growth and efficiency. Formulated to meet nutritional requirements, EWOS Natura Xcel offers growth and performance potential and culture system hygiene.


Both micropellet ranges include EWOS Optifin; an exclusive feed additive that delivers a supplemental source of nucleotides to support fish health and growth in the early life stages of production.

EWOS Micro Xcel and EWOS Natura Xcel provide a consistent sink rate and are available in 0.3mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm and 1.2mm micropellets. 

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