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Canada updates regulations on animal transport

November 8, 2019  By Matt Jones

Canada’s National Farmed Animal Care Council has begun work on a Farmed Finfish Code of Practice. This code will consist of nationally developed guidelines for the care and handling of farmed finfish, with plans to include a chapter on transportation. The public comment period will run from June to September 2020 with projected completion in the Summer of 2021.

Earlier this year, Canada introduced amendments to the Health of Animal Regulations that will come into force in February 2020, applying to all animals, including fish.

“These amendments move towards a more outcome-based regulatory framework, ensuring regulated parties meet the required animal welfare outcomes (e.g. prevent suffering, injury or death) while allowing parties greater flexibility to apply technological advances in transportation, and leverage their experience to maintain high standards for animal welfare,” said a spokesperson for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Canada’s trading partners were notified of these amendments through a World Trade Organization notification process, and were given the opportunity to provide feedback through the consultation period. The amendments are in line with World Organization for Animal Health welfare standards.

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