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AquaGen recently reported that it has opened a Scottish office at Stirling University Innovation Park. The opening marks a strengthening of the market efforts and technical support for its customers in Scotland and Ireland.
A project that explores the potential of growing European lobsters (Homarus gammarus) at sea in containers where they could grow bigger and healthier than those grown in hatcheries could open up commercial opportunities for farmers.
Bangladesh missed the opportunity to tap on opportunities in shrimp and prawn markets because it has been slow in adopting modern farming technologies, according to experts at a recent conference.
A warning system that will alert fish farmers about bacteria in the process of blooming in land-based farms is being developed in Norway.
Spring Genetics says it is looking for distributors of its tilapia broodstock in key markets around the world.
Abalone farmer Abagold of South Africa is shoring up the hatchery side of its business to help recover lost abalone tonnage caused by red tide early this year.
The Claude Peteet Mariculture Center in Gulf Shores, Alabama is working to develop techniques to raise southern flounder (Paralichthys lethostigma) so it could help restock depleted coastal fisheries.
Upgrades are nearly complete at the oldest federally owned hatchery in the United States.
The Canadian federal government is providing $558,000 to the Abegweit First Nation in Scotchford, Prince Edward Island (PEI). The funding will go towards improvements at a wild-fish stocking facility and community centre upgrades.
Egypt is reportedly constructing the largest fish farm in the Middle East that will feature a hatchery with a capacity for 20 million fish and two billion shrimp.
Researchers at the University of Miami’s aquaculture program and hatchery have succeeded in spawning and raising large amounts of juvenile mahi mahi but they say raising them to commercial size remains a challenge.

Aquaculture has been named as a promising economic driver for the State of Hawaii.

A project to address one of the key challenges faced by Scotland’s salmon farmers is underway, supported by grant funding from the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) and UK research council BBSRC.

Cooke Aquaculture received the green light last week to transfer 1 million juvenile Atlantic salmon to the company’s site in Rich Passage, but the Washington State Department of Natural Resources now says it has found flaws in those net pens.

AKVA group Denmark A/S recently announced that it has succeeded in producing copepod eggs on an industrial scale.

Russian Aquaculture, the country’s largest aquaculture company, has acquired a second smolt production facility in Norway.

The mass-scale seed production of Indian pompano (Trachinotus mookalee) in captivity is being hailed as an important achievement for the Indian aquaculture industry. The feat was accomplished at the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) of Visakhapatnam in the province of Andhra Pradesh.

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