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Biosecurity a key to aquaponics success

December 17, 2014  By Quentin Dodd

If water-recirculating aquaponics programs are to be successful, strict biosecurity protocols must be in place. So says Peter Lane, project leader of a system in Wales.

         Lane has high hopes for aquaponics sites, including a development at the Fernhill former colliery site, (see HI November/December), but it’s been difficult to garner support for projects and the increased cost such biosecurity measures require doesn’t help.

         “We import over 80% of our food, especially our fruit and vegetables,” said Lane, who, hoping education will help, is planning an aquaponics workshop for next year. Hopefully representatives of government attending will see the contribution well-managed aquaponics ventures could make to the economy.

         Lack of knowledge about aquaponics, particularly the complex technical aspects and the requirement for biosecurity, contributes to the lack of confidence government, investors, and banks have in the industry.


         In aquaponics, Lane said, it’s vital to have measures in place that will prevent disease in the fish as well as plants. And this will be one of the take-away messages from his workshop.

– Quentin Dodd         

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