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BioMar targets need for feed in RAS hatcheries

May 26, 2021  By Nestor Arellano

(Photo: BioMar)

The latest product from BioMar is intended to improve feeding efficiency in recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) hatcheries.

Larviva Orbit, the company’s new RAS feed concept, will support prolonged time at the hatchery for fry before they are transferred to sea, according to BioMar. This is expected to boost the use of RAS technology in marine nurseries.

Early-stage marine fry can be extra fragile and have difficulty adjusting to life at sea. In recent years some marine hatcheries, particularly in the Mediterranean, have seen the need for increasing land-based fry production.

This, according to BioMar, has resulted in a shift from traditional flow-through systems to other technologies such as RAS, especially for the nursery and pre-grow-out phases.


“We understand how challenging RAS operations can be, as this farming technology demands skilled manpower, extra attention to the fish, the system and the importance of specially designed feeds to accommodate the requirements and ultimately the success of RAS technology,” said Joana Amaral, product manager for marine fish hatcheries at BioMar.

The company’s new feed product comes with an improved physical pellet quality, and a proven impact on faeces stability and reduction of small solids, which all answer the specific needs of RAS facilities, according to BioMar.

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