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BactiQuant anti-fungal solution for RAS

May 9, 2022  By Hatchery International staff

BactiQuant has introduced a new product to tackle and prevent fungal contamination in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), hatcheries and aquatic feed production. 

FungiCount is a new solution designed to provide rapid and reliable fungal detection, even at the earliest stages of fungal growth. 

Fungal infection in RAS facilities create a risk for fish welfare and increased mortality in hatcheries. FungiCount can be a tool to detect spores, hyphae and micro fragments. By establishing a baseline and compare against operating routines, users can detect early signs of deviating microbial water quality. 

“On Scottish salmon farms alone, losses are at least US$6.5 million per year, which could potentially be avoided,” Tanja C. K. Sørensen, Dept. Manager, QA & Sustainability of Premium Svensk Lax AB, said in a press release.


“This is a prime example as to why monitoring water quality is not a luxury – it really is a necessity.”


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