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Australian companies merge to promote recirculation technology

September 22, 2013  By John Mosig

AFF Technologies Ltd (trading as Australian Food Farms) is the merger of Australian Fish Farms Pty Ltd (AFF) and Fish Protech Pty Ltd (FP). The result is a unified packaged to provide aquaculture management.

Two companies working together

AFF started in 1995 as the certified contractor for the design, supply and construction of all fish farms using FP technology on a turnkey basis. When FP moved its base in 2007 to Malaysia to focus on development in South East Asia it had to employ locally registered builders.

Between 1995 and 2007, AFF constructed farms in Australia, Taiwan, Brunei, Sarawak, West Malaysia and China, as well as the Pelican Point Aquaculture Park in South Australia. Then, in 2012, when FP started working in Japan, it was decided that a move back to Australia from where Australian management and quality could be promoted would be the best strategy for future international business.

The Merger in Australia


The return to Australia allowed FP to re-unite with AFF and it was soon apparent that the supply and construction of farms using the FP technology would be the most profitable way forward. To give AFF the best opportunity to build on its own experience and offer a complete business package to farm owners AFF agreed to purchase all the rights to the FP technology and integrate the activities of the two companies into AFF Technologies Ltd.

The market reaction has been positive. Existing farm projects have agreed to transfer from FP to AFF, and several existing and new negotiations for farm projects have welcomed the change and appreciate the full package of services offered by AFF.

A unified package

Chief Executive Officer Ron Anderson said, “Over the years innovations in aquaculture have been hobbled by the absence of a complete unified package. AFF Technology brings together, under one umbrella, a secure supply of genetically improved seed-stock, species-specific diets, and a rigorous training program in not only the workings of the FP-CAS Mk 6, but also in overall aquaculture management.”

“The FP-CAS technology has been streamlined over the years and it now only takes 0.5kW (12kW/day) to run a module of six tanks. Each module can turn out 350kg of fish each week, and can be operated by solar power with main power as a back-up. Water exchange is minimized. Organics in suspension and solution are removed and the water is re-used. Only evaporation and splash water needs to be replaced.”

The farms can maintain optimum conditions all year round and the six-tank module allows progressive stocking so that the grower can deliver fresh fish to the market consistently.

Reliable Software

Another of the features Anderson was enthusiastic about was the management software. “In the past it’s been difficult to quantify benefits, both financially and operationally, due to changes in the numerous inputs. Micro-management of water quality, optimum feeding rates, different seed-stock strains, and market predictability have been more estimation than science. This new tool takes the guesswork out of these projections and allows the operators to have these KPIs, and traceability of stock and consumables, at the touch of a keyboard.”

With the ever-increasing awareness of carbon-miles, finite water supply, and power-use efficiency an accurately monitored and controlled environment, resulting in water- and power-efficient fish farming is critical. The award of a contract for the development of a 160ha aquaculture park in Zhuhai, Quandong, China suggests that AFF Technologies Ltd has situated itself well for international success in the future.

For more information contact AFF Technologies at: info@afftl.com.

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