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Aquasoja launches new juvenile fish feed

February 7, 2020  By Hatchery International staff

Aquasoja launched its latest NEOGOLD range of feeds for pre-ongrowing of fish production.

The NEOGOLD line is nutritionally-adapted to cater to different life stages of juvenile fish. All diets are made with high-quality marine ingredients, as well as health- and growth-oriented ingredients meant to stimulate the immune system and improve growth performance, the company said.

NEOGOLD also aims to help fish fight off endopathogens and ectoparasites. It promises to enhance liver metabolism and fat digestion, by using “highly digestible” ingredients that improve hepatic function. It also helps protect against oxidative stress.

The new feed line promotes a holistic approach that will result in higher feed intake and better survival rates, according to Aquasoja, a subsidiary brand within Sorgal and Soja de Portugal Group. www.aquasoja.pt


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