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Altamar launches a tilapia egg incubation module

April 24, 2023  By Hatchery International staff

Altamar Sistemas Aquáticos, a company that specializes in the development of aquaculture structures, has developed a modular system targeting mainly tilapia hatcheries.

The Altamar modular system uses acrylic incubators jars and dedicated larval reception tanks connected to a fully integrated recirculation system.

The system has a microscreen drum filter, bio filter, degassing, high-dose UV disinfection, protein skimmer, electronic pH control, activated carbon filter, titanium heat pump, automatic water exchange, main pump with electronic speed control and electrical panel.

“We combine our long experience in hatcheries with the very latest in recirculation systems. Previously, producers had to design their own structures, now they get something standardized, compact and plug and play. The demand for this type of solution is huge,” said Marcelo Shei, founder of Altamar.


The use of modular systems optimizes the hatcheries operation. The units can be customized to hold between 12 and 32 jars, allowing to keep up to 4.8 million tilapia eggs simultaneously occupying an area of up to 9 m2.

This configuration allows improving the hatcheries standard with continuous operation, low maintenance and high sanitary control.

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