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Alpha Aqua teams up with HTH aquaMetrics

April 23, 2020  By Hatchery International staff

With Alpha Aqua A/S’s unique RAS design and HTH aquaMetrics’ engineering expertise, the two companies are looking to rethink RAS planning in American aquaculture.

The joint venture will be providing advanced RAS construction and full-service packages under its new name, Alpha Aqua North America.

“We see a tremendous opportunity in the U.S. market and Alpha Aqua North America can bring the value and resources required,” said Paul Hundley, HTH founder and project manager.

Alpha Aqua COO Ramon Perez adds that they are looking to “push the limits for a better aqauculture” by adding new methods and best practices that will help American farms move toward a more sustainable future.


Alpha Aqua North America is looking to provide turnkey solutions for land-based RAS facilities. It offers modular systems and production units developed in phases. It promises faster construction with no fixed concrete structures in order to provide flexibility and adaptability to market changes, the company said.


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